Shimmer – Philip Lynch

Philip Lynch of Healdsburg has a large two-sided kinetic sculpture, "Shimmer", in Geyserville. The sculpture features a powerfully arresting mandala as its main image. While the mandala is easily viewed from far away, closer inspection reveals that the entire image is composed exclusively of butterflies and moths. Over 20 different butterflies and moths were individually hand painted (digitally) and then assembled into mosaics that create the mandala. It is 112" high x 108" wide x 6" deep and is located in the field south of Geyserville’s downtown area. The sponsor of this unique sculpture is Bryce Jones.

"Shimmer" was created to encourage people to look beyond initial perceptions. It shows there is more beauty than what appears. Many people see the mandala as a spiritual image or a stained glass image. The butterflies and moths inspire viewers to learn more about them.

Philip’s intention is to create beauty that engages people and invites them to feel a sense of oneness with beauty. "I want people to not simply see beauty but to realize their participation with it requires all of their senses and their spiritual nature that connects them to it. What is art if it does not move people to a new awareness? My art is large-scale kinetic sculptures that feature a single original art image on hundreds of individually suspended aluminum tiles."