Spokes – T Barny

“The wheels of this piece are recycled steel from another project and reference the old wagon wheels of the American west – strong. The three of them represent a cardinal number of 2 plus 1; attached together they form an equilateral triangle, the strongest geometric shape. The mirrors in the wheels center give the illusion of virtual space from the flat side and an inverted ‘virtual’ view from the concave side.”

The sculpture, 70 in. x 70 in. x 70 in. and its composition is patinated with mirrors.

Artist Statement

I aspire to create sculpture that reflects a world filled with magic and wonder, celebrating the interrelated continuousness of all things through my Mobius-like works, with a single, traceable, looping edge. My works are produced through a method of direct carving, which entails having no preconceived notions or models from which to derive the final shape of my pieces. Instead, I allow the natural rhythms of the materials I use to guide me to a final product, rich with serene fluidity. During my 37-year-career, I have produced more than 1000 works in steel, bronze, wood, and water, though my curvilinear, Mobius-inspired stone sculptures are my most celebrated.

Sponsor: Dee Dee Robbins & Patty Watt
Photo – David McChesney
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