Spokes – T Barny

T Barny of Healdsburg is exhibiting with his sculpture "Spokes" in the Cloverdale Sculpture Trail. His sculpture "Spokes" consists of three metal wagon wheels with mirrors in the center of each patinaed metal wheel. This is a departure from his usual choice of material, stone. T Barny has worked with many materials, including glass and bronze, yet, he returns to his first love, stone. He has carved 205 individual types of stone from around the world. Barny explains the meaning of "Spokes" – "The wheels of this piece are recycled steel from another project and reference the old wagon wheels of the American west, strong. The three of them represent a cardinal number of 2 plus 1; attached together they form an equilateral triangle, the strongest geometric shape. The mirrors in the wheels center give the illusion of virtual space from the flat side and an inverted "virtual" view from the concave side." The sculpture, 70 in. x 70 in. x 70 in. is located at the corner of Cloverdale Boulevard and Citrus Fair Drive. The sponsors of "Spokes" are Dee Dee Robbins and Patty Watt.

Photo – David McChesney