Staves – T Barny

T Barny of Healdsburg is exhibiting for the first time with his sculpture "Staves" in the Cloverdale Sculpture Trail. His sculpture "Staves" was created from wine barrel parts, a departure from his usual choice of material, stone. T Barny has worked with many materials, including glass and bronze, yet, he returns to his first love, stone. He has carved 205 individual types of stone from around the world.

Barny explains how "Staves" came to be – "Living in the heart of the wine country, it is impossible to avoid the vineyards and equipment here year-round. After seeing thousands upon thousands of wine barrels, I began to wonder how I could repurpose and create art from them. This sculpture is the result." "Staves" is 72" x 35" x 35" and is located in Cloverdale at the corner of Cloverdale Blvd. and W. 2nd Street. His sculpture is sponsored by Howell Fine Art Gallery