Symbiotic Entanglement – Hector Ortega

“Symbiotic Entanglement” by Hector M. Ortega & Taryn Moore is a piece that has been designed as a joint effort by Hector Ortega and Taryn Moore. The sculpture consists of a series of fabricated sculptural elements that were derived from a number of conversations, drawings in an effort to push our artistic endeavors and entangle our different styles into a dynamic and Symbiotic sculptural form.

Medium- Fabricated steel and oxidized patina H x W x D- 8’06” x 3′-06″ x 3′-06″. Estimated Weight- 500 lbs.

Artist Statement

I’m an Arizona based artist whose work focuses on abstract based three-dimensional volume forms, their relationships, interconnections and constraints among each other. Life’s experiences, constraints, emotions and my current natural environment at hand often inspire the interconnections between each fabricated element of any given work. The experience gained as a Sculptor/Fabricator with a background in architecture has enabled my work to be taken into the private and public realm. Steel as a medium has enabled me to translate gentle arcs, rolling waves, and tapering geometries into complex forms that once interconnected will evoke a sense of place, calm and order to our environment, most of all to inspire others to better this world.

Taryn Moore is an Arizona based visual artist, with an immense love for the natural world and observance of human emotion and strife. She combines the two aspects of life with a twist of imagination and surrealism. Looking deeper, her perspective on caring for nature, animals and fellow man is emphasized in her work, through color and symbolism. By trade, she is a professional tattoo artist of 15 years and newly stepping into the realm of the painting world to further her desire for visual expression. You may also find her welding and fabricating sculptures and furniture in her spare time.

Sponsor: Bob Scott & Tim McDonald
Photo by Jude Gibson