Theororama – Stan Huncilman

Stan Huncilman has a sculpture, "Theororama", on Cloverdale Blvd. and E. 2nd Street in front the Arts Alliance building. Sponsored by Nancy Dalwin President of the Arts Alliance, the sculpture was created using pressure formed and welded steel and then painted. It is 84 inches high x 24 inches wide x 24 inches deep.

Stan states that "Theororama" is not only about the use of material, but the adventure that occurs in creation. No matter how powerful the hands, there is another force present in that infinite ether of life: the imagination. Great ironies occur in the creative process such as when one tries to paint with words or be dynamic with form. In this sculptor’s sculpture, Inspiration wells from unknown depts. Swirls about then it’s gone. “Theororama is an attempt.