Was I Just Another One? – Hector Ortega

"Was I Just Another One" is deeply introspective sculpture that was born through a change in my creative direction, after the last few monumental pieces I began to question my "Constrained Geometrical Theme" and came to terms that it was time to progress, reflect on the heart, intentions, make peace with the past and look to the future.

Size: 9′ x 9′ x 9′ Compositions: Fabricated steel construction with a natural oxidized patina.

Artist Statement

I’m an Arizona based artist whose work focuses on abstract based three-dimensional volume forms, their relationships, interconnections and constraints among each other. Life’s experiences, constraints, emotions and my current natural environment at hand often inspire the interconnections between each fabricated element of any given work. The experience gained as a Sculptor/Fabricator with a background in architecture has enabled my work to be taken into the private and public realm. Steel as a medium has enabled me to translate gentle arcs, rolling waves, and tapering geometries into complex forms that once interconnected will evoke a sense of place, calm and order to our environment, most of all to inspire others to better this world.

Sponsor: J Howell Fine Art
Photo by Tedd Peterson