A Whales’ Tail – Sculpture Jam Collective

Sonoma County Sculpture Jam artists, Beth Hartmann, David Furger, Jeffrey Zankel and Gordon Carter of Sebastopol, have been working together for more than 15 years. The composition of the group changes, but the intent to create interesting public sculptures remains. Members also enjoy sharing resources, camaraderie, and the give and take of decision making as they create together.

The Sculpture Jam Collective has a sculpture in the 2018-2019 Cloverdale Sculpture Tail, "A Whales’ Tail". It depicts a diving whale with the fluke straight up in the air and the rear half of its body visible as it dives into the steel base of the sculpture complete with waves. This fun sculpture, located on the corner of Cloverdale Blvd. and E. 2nd Street, is 6’6" high x 40" wide x 36" deep and sponsored by Jane and Ron Pavelka.

Photo by Jude Gibson