Zephyra – Sculpture Jam Collective

Sonoma County Sculpture Jam artists, Beth Hartmann, David Furger, Jeffrey Zankel and Gordon Carter of Sebastopol, have been working together for more than 15 years. The composition of the group changes, but the intent to create interesting public sculptures remains. Members also enjoy sharing resources, camaraderie, and the give and take of decision making as they create together.

The Sculpture Jam Collective has a sculpture in the 2019-2020 Cloverdale Sculpture Tail, “Zephyra”. In Greek mythology, “Zephyrus” was the personification of the west wind and the bringer of light spring and early summer breeze, also a popular Greek girl’s name. The Collective created “Zephyra” as a female west wind. The sculpture has a fabricated steel frame with panels of aluminum diamond plate, galvanized steel, stainless steel screen and a clear polycarbonate sheet. Internally there is a gear clock like mechanism, visible through a polywindow. The sculpture is topped by a wind turban turbine, which when wind is present, will slowly turn the gears in the face and abdomen of “Zephyra”. This sculpture, 11’ 8” high x 2’ wide x 2’ deep is located the East side of Cloverdale Blvd. between E. 2nd Street and 3rd Street. “Zehpyra” is sponsored by Carol and Lenny.

Take the Otocast’s audio self-guided tour of the2019-2020 Sculpture Trail to learn more about the Sculpture Jam and “Zephyra”. The fun part of the tour is listening to the Sculpture Jam Collective talk about “Zephyra”. Download the free Otocast app at Google Play or the Apple App Store and enjoy listening to all of the exhibiting sculptors.

Photo – David McChesney