Outdoor Sculpture Trail in Cloverdale

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Artist Highlights

T Barny with SPokes

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T Barny of Healdsburg is exhibiting with his sculpture “Spokes” in the Cloverdale Sculpture Trail. His sculpture “Spokes” consists of three metal wagon wheels with mirrors in the center of each patinaed metal wheel. This is a departure from his usual choice of material, stone… more

Residents and tourists alike applaud the fact that Cloverdale’s small town charm is now updated with sophisticated sculptural diversity unmatched in Sonoma County. Each year the streets are lined with an array of playful and provocative sculptures. The 2019-2020 Cloverdale Trail has on exhibit 19 sculptures by respected sculptors. What better way to spark your Imagination than with this impressive exhibit of public art?

Located 80 miles north of San Francisco, Cloverdale is nestled among gently rolling hills and lush vineyards at the top of the renowned Alexander Valley. Its older homes, tree-lined neighborhoods and friendly residents give the town a small town character to be experienced. The Cloverdale Sculpture Trail in downtown Cloverdale can be found in a walkable cultural corridor of art galleries, Performing Arts Center, wine tasting restaurants, shops and a Museum and History Center.

J. Rickards Vineyard in Cloverdale

Public Art

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The purpose of public art is not only to enrich the community and improve our quality of life through its ability to enrich an environment, but also to ignite the imagination, encourage thought and to prompt discourse.
Finally, I want to recognize the many talented sculptors, whose sculptures have graced the streets of Cloverdale during the years. Their talent and creativity have kept the Cloverdale Sculpture Trail alive. Peruse Past Trails to enjoy the artistry of past sculptors.

A complete list of sponsors, donors and volunteers can be found at the Sponsorships Page under Thank You to Our Sponsors and Donors.

Joyce Mann, Coordinator- Cloverdale Sculpture Trail