Outdoor Sculpture Trail in Cloverdale

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There are 364 National Days and sculptures have their day. International Sculpture Day is celebrated the last Saturday in April each year. This year it is April 24th and the Cloverdale Sculpture Trail plans to observe this special day.

There’s a new Thru the Years up, with artists who have shown in multiple exhibits. This month we feature Joe Bologna.

The free Sculpture Tour on the Otocast Mobile App is here. Audio in both English and Spanish.

Artist Highlights

Every month we add artist highlights to the Sculpture Gallery. Check back to view the latest!

“Symbiotic Entanglement” by Hector M. Ortega & Taryn Moore “Symbiotic Entanglement” is a piece that has been designed as a joint effort. The sculpture consists of a series of fabricated sculptural elements that were derived from a number of conversations … more

Residents and tourists alike applaud the fact that Cloverdale’s small town charm is now updated with sophisticated sculptural diversity unmatched in Sonoma County. Each year the streets are lined with an array of playful and provocative sculptures. The 2020-2022 Cloverdale Trail has on exhibit 19 sculptures by respected sculptors. What better way to spark your Imagination than with this impressive exhibit of public art?
Located 80 miles north of San Francisco, Cloverdale is nestled among gently rolling hills and lush vineyards at the top of the renowned Alexander Valley. Its older homes, tree-lined neighborhoods and friendly residents give the town a small town character to be experienced. The walkable Cloverdale Sculpture Trail is in downtown Cloverdale. Download the printable map and enjoy the Trail.

J. Rickards Vineyard in Cloverdale


Sculpture by David Mudgett

What is Public Art?

Read About The Sculpture Trail Process

It’s public! Everyone has access to public art. It’s directly in the public sphere and not confined to galleries or museums. It enriches Cloverdale’s physical environments, bringing streetscapes to life. It also adds enormous value to the cultural, aesthetic and economic vitality of a community. Public art contributes to a community’s identity, fosters community pride and a sense of belonging, and enhances the quality of life for its residents and visitors.
Sculpture by Cynthia Handle

Sculpture by Cynthia Handle

The talent and creativity of the many sculptors, whose sculptures have graced the streets of Cloverdale, have kept the Cloverdale Sculpture Trail alive for 17 years. Persue ”Past Trails” to enjoy the artistry of past sculptors.

A complete list of sponsors, donors and volunteers can be found at the Sponsorships Page under Thank You to Our Sponsors and Donors.

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