Palm Shadow by Cynthia Handel

Handel with Palm Shadow

Palm Shadow

This week the spotlight turns onto Cynthia Handel of Oakland. Cynthia has been working for 18 yers with cast bronze, iron and fabricated steel. Her work combines cast elements with steel, wood and other materials, such as silk, glass and beeswax. She has been exploring, for many years, the relationship between natural and organic to incorporate into her sculptors. Cynthia’s has completed commissions throughout the Bay Area with her work represented in both private and public collections. Also her work has been included in numerous exhibits, nationally and internationally.

“Palm Shadow”, a screen, is the sculpture currently in the Sculpture Trail. The idea for “Palm Shadow” came to Cynthia while she was working in her studio and became aware of the shadows coming across the studio window, and how they changed as the day progressed. This interesting sculpture was created in steel and is 6 feet high 8 feet wide and 3 feet deep. It is located by the old West America Bank on Cloverdale Boulevard.

Photo by Tedd Peterson