Cloverdale Sculptures
Past Exhibit Through May 6, 2016

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Sculptures are listed alphabetically by artist, and state which trail they can be found on. Trail Maps show the locations of the sculptures, or use the map link beneath each image.

Satellite Seeker

Satellite Seeker by Joe Bologna
Sponsor: Railroad Station Bar & Grill
C: Map Number 1

Wing Obelisk

Wing Obelisk by Peter Crompton
Sponsor: David McChesney in Memory of Beverly McChesney
C: Map Number 6

Shadows of Eternity

Shadows of Eternity by Boback Emad
Sponsor: Voigt Family Sculpture Foundation
C: Map Number 3

 Horn Tree

Horn Tree by Diego Harris
Sponsor: Bob Scott & Tim McDonald
C: Map Number 15

The Performing Arch

The Performing Arch by Gerard Kirk Harris
Sponsor: Cloverdale Performing Arts Center
C: Map Number 10

Hayden with Auger

Auger by Michael Hayden & Kristina
Sponsor: Erickson Fine Art Gallery
C: Map Number 5

90% Oscar

90% Oscar by Kenyon Lewis
Sponsor: The Artist & the Cloverdale Unified School District
C: Map Number 16


Metaface by Pierre Riche
Sponsor: Mail Center, Etc.
C: Map Number 8