Geyserville Sculptures

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Sculptures are listed alphabetically by artist, and state which trail they can be found on. Trail Maps show the locations of the sculptures, or use the map link beneath each image.


Dandelion by Tyson Barbera
Sponsor: Alice Duffee
G: Map Number 23

Tyrannosaurus Rex

Tyrannosaurus Rex by Tyson Barbera
Sponsor: Sponsor Kate & Denny Van Ness
G: Map Number 13

Shell Obelisk

Shell Obelisk By Peter Crompton
Sponsor: Vicki Norris
G: Map Number 9

Run Home

Run Home by Max Heiges
Sponsor: Voigt Family Sculpture Foundation
G: Map Number 8

Run Home II

Run Home II by Max Heiges
Sponsor: North County Properties
G: Map Number 27

Wagners Ring Cycle

Wagner’s Ring Cycle by Douglas Heine
Sponsor: Judy Knaute
G: Map Number 11


Cordeelia by Stan Huncilman
Sponsor: Bosworth & Son General Store
G: Map Number 14

Gostosas by Flavia Krasilchik

Gostosas by Flavia Krasilchik
Sponsor: Joe & Sue Pelanconi
G: Map Number 22

Tulip by Adrian Litman

Tulip by Adrian Litman
Sponsor: Joel & Kathy Zunino
G: Map Number 2


Shimmer by Phillip Lynch
Sponsor: Bryce Jones
G: Map Number 10

Windows by David Mudgett

Windows by David Mudgett
Sponsor: Bert & Ginny Sandell
G: Map Number 4

Blind Faith

Blind Faith by Hector Ortega
Sponsor: Rotary Club Healdsburg Noon

G: Map Number 7

Jazzy Ernest & Lois Rich

Jazzy by Ernest & Lois Rich
Sponsor: Margie Hanselman & David Luebkeman
G: Map Number 12

Nick's Dream

Nicki’s Dream by Michael Seymour
Sponsor: Theodore & Diane Johnson
G: Map Number 15


Cartwheels by Susan Leibovitz Steinman
Sponsor: Joan & John Fries
G: Map Number 18

Barrel Man

Barrel Man by Victor Trentadue
Sponsor: Julia Einstoss
G:Map Number 26

Barrel Man with Bottle

Barrel Man with Bottle by Victor Trentadue
Sponsor: Kerry & Daisy Demsky
G:Map Number 3

Crompton Dragon Osarus

Crompton Dragon Osarus by 3-D Edddy
Sponsor: Jessica Heiges
G: Map Number 17