Test Exhibit

The high quality of the contemporary sculptures displayed in Cloverdale range from the humorous to thought provoking and some with a message or story. The once-a-year changing of the sculptures are enjoyed and experienced by residents and tourists on the downtown streets of Cloverdale. The 2018-2019 brochure will be available soon, which can be downloaded here or picked up in numerous location in the Cloverdale business district.

    • Best of Show – "Alien" by Loren Madsen
    • Honorable Mention – "Constrained Geometrics 3" by Hector M. Ortega
    • Judges’ Merit Award – "Eclipse" by David Mudget

Sculptures are ordered by map location shown on the Trail Map which has a printable PDF. You can use the map link beneath each image for a quick location look. Select the picture for a larger view, sculpture and artist name will link to further information, with new ones added each month.

Shadows of Eternity

Shadows of Eternity by Boback Emad
Sponsor: Voigt Family Sculpture Foundation
Map Number 1

Constrained Geometrics 3

Constrained Geometries #2
by Hector M. Ortega
Sponsor: Michael & Mary Ann Brigham
Map Number 2

Naioble's Marble

"Naioble’s" Marble by John Christian
Sponsor: Chris Andersen, State Farm Insurance
Map Number 4


Pigasus by Michael Seymour
Sponsor: Kelley & Young Wines
Map Number 5


You Are Fiction by Pierre Riche
Sponsor: Erickson Fine Art Gallery
Map Number 6

Constrained Geometries 2

Constrained Geometrics 3 by Hector M. Ortega
Sponsor: Wilson Winery
Map Number 7

Acrobat by Bryan Tedriick

Acrobat by Bryan Tedrick
Sponsor: sponsor Erickson Fine Art GalleryMap Number 8

Dark Tower

Dark Tower by Joe Bologna
Sponsor: Shelli Byers
Map Number 9


Staves by T.Barney
Sponsor: J. Howell Fine Art Gallery
Map Number 10


Navigator by Peter Crompton
Sponsor: Bob Scott & Tim McDonald
Map Number 11


Caprichio by Stan Huncilman
Sponsor: Plank Coffee
Map Number 12


Alien by Loren Madsen
Sponsor: David McChesney
Map Number 13

Tumbled Tasty Treat by Joe Bologna
Sponsor: Marliece Dickens
Map Number 14

Mudgett Sphere

Eclipse by David Mudgett
Sponsor: Nancy Dalwin, President, Cloverdale Arts Alliance
Map Number 16

Whales Tail

Whale’s Tail by Sculpture Jam
Sponsor: Jane & Ron Pavelka Pacific Union
Map Number 17

Wine Buddha

Wine Buddha by Bryan Tedrick
Sponsor: Dahlia & Sage
Map Number 18