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Curtis of the City Public Works

Located 80 miles north of San Francisco, Cloverdale is nestled among gently rolling hills and lush vineyards at the top of the renowned Alexander Valley. Cloverdale is the hidden gem of Sonoma Wine Country. Its older homes, tree-lined neighborhoods and friendly residents give the city a small town character that visitors from urban centers love to experience. The walkable Cloverdale is in downtown Cloverdale with a cultural corridor of innovative art galleries, Performing Arts Center, Sculpture Trail, restaurants, shops, and Cloverdale Museum and History Center.

Cloverdale Performing Arts Center

Cloverdale Performing Arts Center

Producer of the Cloverdale Sculpture Trail, built with community support and with the spirit and physical stamina of a barn-raising effort--Cloverdale Performing Arts Center enjoys bringing to the stage each year scores of productions and events in northern Sonoma County's wine country.

Players, actors, directors, set makers, costume designers, and makeup teams work mostly for the love of the craft. It takes a village, and this village comes together to bring the spark of live cultural enhancement far away from the bright lights of an urban setting.

Downloadable Coloring Pages of Our Sculptures

Color Our Sculptures

Enjoy these newest downloadable coloring pages of our latest sculptures in easy to print/download PDF format.

End of the Trail Quiz

2020-2022 Trail Quiz

With the current Cloverdale Sculpture Trail exhibit getting ready to roll out and the incoming one up in May, let’s test your knowledge of the 2020-2022 exhibit.

Downloadable Coloring Pages of Our Sculptures

Color Our Sculptures

Enjoy these downloadable coloring pages of some of our sculptures in easy to print/download PDF format.

Downloadable Desktop Wallpaper

Desktop Wallpapper

A piece from our collection with an art quote. What more could you want?

Try Our Newest Mystery Sculpture Jigsaw Puzzle 2

Mystery Jigsaw

We’re not going to show you what the finished puzzle looks like, you have to figure that out. When you complete it, we will show you the artist and sculpture name. Have fun!

Try a Mystery Sculpture Jigsaw Puzzle

We’re not going to show you what the finished puzzle looks like, you have to figure that out. When you complete it, we will show you the artist and sculpture name. Have fun!

Enjoy Jeopardy? Then try your luck at Sculpture Trail Jeopardy

Jeopardy Board

Let’s play Jeopardy! Play by yourself, with others at your location, or with a group of teams through Zoom. Easy instructions on page.

New Quiz on Sculptures in the Trail

Wine Buddha

So many sculptures have been exhibited over the years by the Cloverdale Sculpture Trail. Do you remember them all? Think deeply and give it a try.

Like Quizzes? Test Your Sculpture Trail Knowledge

Girl posing like the sculpture

Public art is a form of participation. You can explore, experience, enjoy or pantomime each sculpture on the Trail. Now, you can take your participation one step further by taking our quiz.

*If you would like to share your experience with a testimonial, send us an email. 

I feel it’s hugely important to support your own community and I always enjoy seeing the sculptures myself and feel it adds to the downtown. I always look forward to the “unveiling” and am anxious to see what will be adorning our sidewalks for the coming year.

Chris Andersen, State Farm Agent

Each year I am more impressed with the sculptors and their work. My wife and I have sponsored a piece for two years and have enjoyed meeting the sculptor and hearing about his/her creative inspirations. I am looking forward to another wonderful exhibit each year.

Bob Cox, Retired Businessman

Joyce and anyone else involved, I am always in appreciation of the Sculpture Trail. It has a great impact and I can’t even begin to imagine the town and landscape without the wonderful, sometimes whimsical sculptures.


Dear Joyce, Good luck! You are doing a wonderful job. Thank you for beautifying our community

Dobie & Thomas

Cloverdale has the BEST art exhibit through our town! Thanks to Joyce Mann that started this in the 1990’s can’t remember what year, but she and her husband Chuck, negotiated with the City and spent a lot of time starting this project! The City should be deeply grateful to them! And Susie leach and Joe […]

Michele Penirian

Tour Flip Book looks GREAT.   Good job you two.  Excellent.    Way to go.  I love it.   

Janet, J. Howell Fine Art

The flip book is really cool! Looking forward to seeing some the new exhibit in person soon.

Melanie Bagby, Councilmember, City of Cloverdale

That online tour flipbook is wonderful. Nice work! Congrats to both of you.

Joe Bologna, Sculptor

That is really cool Joyce! I think it looks great. Good idea.  

Sandy Erickson, Erickson Gallery

TOOOO Coool !  The flip book is amazing, including its sound effects.  Thank you to all involved.

Beth and Sculpture Jam

Very impressive flip book in response to our mutual current situation. I’m sending the link to my colleagues on the Mendo Co Arts Council. 

Loren Madsen

I love the way that the outreach for the sculpture trail continues to grow and evolve.  Kudos!