The 3 Graces by Virginia Harrison


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Virginia Harrison was born in Denver Colorado in 1950. She was raised in an elegant mansion and was destined to become a debutant. However her inclination toward sculpting had already begun in her father’s tool shop and in the Rocky Mountains. After 2 years at a woman’s college in Virginia she traveled to Europe and India. She married Allan in 1974. They raised two daughters who remember the numerous art and craft projects that were the mainstay of playtime.

ThreeGracesStudioAnimationIn 1988-90 she attended Sonoma State University, pursuing her love of tools and sculpture. She wove her first basket out of copper and aluminum wire for and installation she called “Mother Basket”. After graduating she was hired at the Bronze Plus foundry in Sebastopol as a metal chaser. She continued to weave copper baskets, and during that time developed a way to weave with bronze wire. At the foundry bronze wire is used for welding, but by casting a bronze bowl as a base and welding bronze spines to it she found it was possible to weave the welding wire in the open spines. She then soldered another larger wire around the top to finish the vessel. Soon she found that she was able to go beyond the vessel shape and create more and more complex sculptures. The patina which was added at the end gave the color which completed the work.

HarrisonArtThe sculptor Rodin and the painter Kandinsky are the artists who inspire Virginia the most. Kandinsky believed that music was the purest form of abstraction in art and he worked in his painting to bring color and form to that same level of purity. As with Kandinsky, music plays a fundamental role in Virginia’s creations. She uses movement of the rhythms and the arc of the sound to create shapes in her mind and then transforms them into sculptures. Virginia has shown in group and solo exhibitions internationally and her sculptures are in private collections throughout the U.S.

Artist Statement

I was raised at the foot of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, where the history and lore of the gold and silver mines gave me an early understanding of metal. Over the past 17 years, I’ve been refining a technique combining the ignitive force of casting with the delicacy of weaving to create woven bronze sculptures that evoke both literal and emotional interpretation. I sculpt each base in wax and then cast them into bronze. I then weld spines to the base and weave the thin bronze wire, and sometimes beads or other objects, around the spines. After the weaving is complete, a patina is applied.

Sometimes the shapes that emerge are extremely deliberate, while other times they evolve during the process of creating them.

Combining bronze casting and weaving connects me to some of the most ancient human activities, and offers a way of lending grace and movement to bronze.

VirginiaYou can contact Virginia in whatever way works best for you.


Phone: (707) 293-6997
Fax: (707) 573-9426
1585 Terrace Way
Box 521
Santa Rosa, CA 95404

PlaquesAnimationVirginia also creates custom bronze plaques and other bronze work. To learn more, visit the website for Memory Markers at



Exhibitions and gallery shows

2011 Represented artist Just For You Gallery of Fine Arts Healdsburg, CA
2010 Winner: Best in Show Juried show: Innovations in Fiber Arts V
Sebastopol Center for the Arts
Sebastopol, CA
2010 Represented artist Sebastopol Art Gallery Sebastopol, CA
2010 Represented artist Albany Arts Gallery Albany, CA
2009-2010 Represented artist Rice/Polak Gallery Provincetown, MA
2009 Featured artist Pallette Art Café Healdsburg, CA
2008 Represented artist Pallette Art Café Healdsburg, CA
2007-present Represented artist Pop Gallery Santa Fe, New Mexico
2007 Invited participant Juried show, Sonoma Valley Museum of Art Sonoma, California
2007 Represented artist Kirchman Gallery Johnson City, Texas
2007-present Represented artist Highlight Gallery Mendocino, California
2006-2008 Represented artist Sculptors Dominion San Antonio, Texas
2006 Fire Goodshow A St. Gallery Santa Rosa, California
2005 Invited participant,
3rd Place Winner for Sculpture
2005 Biennale Internazionale dell’Arte Contemporanea Florence, Italy
2005-Present Represented artist Laurence Gallery Occidental, CA
2005 Participant in group exhibition Arches Gallery Healdsburg, CA
2005 Participant in group exhibition Hanson Howard Gallery Ashland, OR
2005 Participant in group exhibition Virginia Breier Gallery San Francisco, CA
2005 Participant in group exhibition Highlight Gallery Mendocino, CA
2003 Invited participant,
4th Place Winner for Sculpture
2003 Biennale Internazionale dell’Arte Contemporanea Florence, Italy


Participant ARTrails Open Studios tour Santa Rosa, CA
Participant Art For Life, Aids Fundraiser Santa Rosa, CA
2003 Personal showing Imani Gallery Napa, California
2000 Day of the Dead show A St. Gallery Santa Rosa, California
1999 Personal showing Kajul Gallery Healdsburg, California
1994 Personal showing Branscomb Gallery Bodega Bay, California
1992 Personal showing Forecast Gallery Portland, Oregon
1990, 1991 Small Works Show California Museum of Art Santa Rosa, California
1990 Senior Show Sonoma State University Rohnert Park, California

Work and schooling experience

2003 Contributer Featured on Sparks, a show featuring artists broadcast on KQED, the San Francisco PBS station San Francisco, California
1999-present Founder and owner Memory Markers, a custom bronze-plaque studio Santa Rosa, California
1992-2007 Foundry technician and chaser Bronze+ Foundry Sebastopol, California
1990 Bachelor of Arts Graduated with honors in sculpture and drawing Sonoma State University
Rohnert Park, California
1980-1984 Jeweler Bagley and Hotchkiss Jewelers Guerneville, California