The Listener by m.c. Carolyn

m.c. Carolyn with The Listener

The Listener

M.C.CAROLYN’s sculpture, “The Listener”, has attracted a lot of attention at this year’s Sculpture Trail. Art comes alive when it gets people thinking and communicating “The Listener” is functioning very well in this respect. This large sculpture presents a woman seated on a pedestal listening to the world around her. She patiently sits waiting for sounds of laughter, joy, music and the magic of the world. M.C. chose to portray “The Listener” in vivid green, a color that matches the new leaves of spring.

“The Listener” was created with an environmentally safe foam core that is fitted around a welded steel armature, then painted and sealed. This medium was created by M.C. to liberate her from the restrictions of her traditional medium of stone.

This sculptor’s subject matter is usually based on the human figure, with the attention being focused on movement and human conditions. What is this person doing? Why? Is he/she rising up, bending over, reclining, angry or happy? M.C. creates each of her human figure sculptures with so much more than just a beautiful figure. “The Listener” follows in this tradition. “The Listener” sits on her pedestal at the corner of Cloverdale Boulevard and West 2nd Street watching and listening to Cloverdale.

M.C. studied at the San Francisco Art Institute. She has exhibited extensively both nationally and internationally, and her pieces can be found in both public and private collections around the world. Currently M.C. divides her studio time between sculpting and painting.