Past Sculpture Trail (2017 – 2018)

    • Best of Show – “Constrained Geometries #2 ” by Hector Ortega
    • Honorable Mention – “Chief Steel Feather” by Pierre Riche
    • Judges’ Merit Award – “Meet You on the Corner” by Carlos Zamora
    • Judges’ Merit Award – “Acrobat” by Bryan Tedrick
    • Judges’ Merit Award – “Oculus” by Peter Crompton


Dandelion by Tyson Barbera
Sponsor: Alice Duffee
G: Map Number 23

Tyrannosaurus Rex

Tyrannosaurus Rex by Tyson Barbera
Sponsor: Sponsor Kate & Denny Van Ness
G: Map Number 13

One-Eye Jack

One Eye Jack by Joe Bologna
Sponsor: Chris Andersen, State Farm Ins.
C: Map Number 7

Big Candy Apple

The Big Red Candy Apple by M.C. Carolyn
Sponsor: Donated to the City by the Artist
C: Map Number 16

Shell Obelisk

Shell Obelisk By Peter Crompton
Sponsor: Vicki Norris
G: Map Number 9

Shadows of Eternity

Shadows of Eternity by Boback Emad
Sponsor: Voigt Family Sculpture Foundation
C: Map Number 1

Jessica Heiges

Run Home

Run Home by Max Heiges
Sponsor: Voigt Family Sculpture Foundation
G: Map Number 8

Run Home II

Run Home II by Max Heiges
Sponsor: North County Properties
G: Map Number 27

Wagners Ring Cycle

Wagner’s Ring Cycle by Douglas Heine
Sponsor: Judy Knaute
G: Map Number 11


Cordeelia by Stan Huncilman
Sponsor: Bosworth & Son General Store
G: Map Number 14

Theororama by_Stan_Huncilman_

Theororama by Stan Huncilman
Sponsor: Nancy Dawlin, Pres. Cloverdale Arts Alliance
C: Map Number 13

Gostosas by Flavia Krasilchik

Gostosas by Flavia Krasilchik
Sponsor: Joe & Sue Pelanconi
G: Map Number 22

Tulip by Adrian Litman

Tulip by Adrian Litman
Sponsor: Joel & Kathy Zunino
G: Map Number 2

Blind Faith

Blind Faith by Hector Ortega
Sponsor: Rotary Club Healdsburg Noon

G: Map Number 7

Jazzy Ernest & Lois Rich

Jazzy by Ernest & Lois Rich
Sponsor: Margie Hanselman & David Luebkeman
G: Map Number 12

Nicki's Dream

Nicki’s Dream by Michael Seymour
Sponsor: Theodore & Diane Johnson
G: Map Number 15


Deflated by Sculpture-Jam
Sponsor: J. Howell Fine Art
C: Map Number 9

Acrobat by Bryan Tedriick

Acrobat by Bryan Tedrick
Sponsor: sponsor Erickson Fine Art Gallery
C: Map Number 6


Cartwheels by Susan Leibovitz Steinman
Sponsor: Joan & John Fries
G: Map Number 18

Barrel Man

Barrel Man by Victor Trentadue
Sponsor: Julia Einstoss
G:Map Number 26

Barrel Man with Bottle

Barrel Man with Bottle by Victor Trentadue
Sponsor: Kerry & Daisy Demsky
G:Map Number 3

Meet You at the corner by Carlos Zamora

Meet You at the corner by Carlos Zamora
Sponsor: Bob Scott and Tim McDonald
C: Map Number 8

Crompton Dragon Osarus

Crompton Dragon Osarus by 3-D Edddy
Sponsor: Jessica Heiges
G: Map Number 17

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