90% Oscar by Kenyon Lewis

90% Oscar

90% Oscar

Local artist, Kenyon Lewis, has a unique piece in Cloverdale Sculpture Trail titled “90% Oscar”, which is on display in front of the old West America Bank building on Cloverdale Boulevard. It was created using concrete with an internal steel support system and ceramic disks, and then assembled on the Boulevard. Kenyon stacked about 100 ceramic disks, 1 inch thick, on the steel support in a specific order to render “90% Oscar” which is approximately 28 inches in diameter at its widest point by 9 feet tall. The steel support base was then hidden under an area of brick.

Kenyon’s main medium is clay, which he uses to create large relief tiles or sculptures for residential and public spaces. Kenyon has also used his talent to create glassware for the home and commercial establishments. He has been awarded public art commissions in Davis California, Colorado Springs, Colorado, and San Francisco and has exhibited throughout the United States.


Photo by Tedd Peterson