Poised by Mark Stasz

Mark Staz with Poised


Mark Stasz, a Cloverdale resident, is participating in this year’s Sculpture Trail. His sculpture “Poised” is a steel and stainless steel piece 9’6″x5’x3′. This unique sculpture is located at the entrance to the Cloverdale Downtown Plaza on Cloverdale Boulevard. Mark has gallery representation across the United States and has exhibited in public art projects throughout the country.

Mark provided the Sculpture Trail Selection Committee with the following artist statement. “Poised” is a perfect example of my work. It possesses the traditional tenets of sculpture: form, line, and balance. In this way, “Poised” is a classical statement in and of itself, while its visual presentation is more compelling, interesting, and contemporary. “Poised” presents delicate curves in a massive steel structure to achieve a coherence or balance. The simplicity and balance allow the mind to calm and ponder. “Poised” is strong and enduring with innate power, precision and balance. This precision and balance creates an elemental, enduring, powerful, everlasting piece.”


Photo by Tedd Peterson