Sculpture Gallery
Past Exhibit Through May 9, 2017

Sculptures are listed alphabetically by artist, and state which outdoor art trail they can be found on. Trail Maps show the locations of the sculptures, or use the map link beneath each image.
You can also view photos of some of the sculptureinstallations.

  • Best of Show – "Blind Faith" by Hector Ortega
  • Honorable Mention – "Into the Wind" by Pierre Riche
  • Judges’ Merit Award – "Cartwheels" by Susan Leibovitz Steinman
  • Judges’ Merit Award – "Hung Up" by Beth Hartmann & Allegra Burke
  • Peoples’ Choice Cloverdale – "Hung Up" by Beth Hartmann & Allegra Burke<
  • Peoples’ Choice Geyserville – "Fire Tree" by Diego Harris

Sunflower by Tyson Barbera
Sponsor: North County Properties
G: Map Number 16

Push Back

Push Back by Joe Bologna
Sponsor: Bob Scott & Tim McDonald
C: Map Number 6

One Eye Jack

One Eye Jack by Joe Bologna
Sponsor: Bosworth & Son General Store
G: Map Number 10

Relationship Series XV

Relationship Series XV by Joseph Castle
Sponsor: Jane & Ron Pavelka – Pacific Union International Real Estate
C: Map Number 8

Shadows of Eternity

Shadows of Eternity by Boback Emad
Sponsor: Voigt Family Sculpture Foundation
C: Map Number 4


Gulp by Eileen Fitz-Faulkner
Sponsor: Jessica Heiges
Sponsor: Jessica Heiges
G: Map Number 18

The Drifter

The Drifter by Dan Good
Sponsor: Erickson Fine Art Gallery
C: Map Number 10

Fire Tree

Fire Tree by Diego Harris
Sponsor: Amory and Scott Donahue


Spring by Diego Harris
Sponsor: Gail & Chris Madsen
G: Map Number 12


Hung Up by Beth Hartmann and Allegra Burke
Sponsor: Plank Coffee

bestJudegs' Merit
C: Map Number 16

Run Home

Run Home by Max Heiges
Sponsor: Voigt Family Sculpture Foundation
G: Map Number 5

Wagners Ring Cycle

Wagner’s Ring Cycle by Douglas Heine
Sponsor: The Strains & Foggy Bay Properties
G: Map Number 7


Caerus by Stan Huncilman
Sponsor: Geyserville Chamber of Commerce
G: Map Number 8


Cordeelia by Stan Huncilman
Sponsor: Lousie Madden
G: Map Number 9

90% Oscar

90% Oscar by Kenyon Lewis
Sponsor: The Artist & the Cloverdale Unified School District
C: Map Number 3

Morphing Orbits

Morphing Orbits by Adrian Litman
Sponsor: Jude Gibson Byers & Shelli Byers
C: Map Number 1


Cosmic Fusion by Adrian Litman
Sponsor: Full Sail Organizing
G: Map Number 4


Poised by David Mudgett
Sponsor: Jessica Heiges
G: Map Number 14


Intention by Hector Ortega
Sponsor: State Farm Insurance,
Chris Andersen
C: Map Number 11

Blind Faith

Blind Faith by Hector Ortega
bestSponsor: Kate and Denny Van Ness
G: Map Number 3


Metaface by Pierre Riche
Sponsor: Mail Center, Etc.
C: Map Number 7

Into the Wind

Into the Wind by Pierre Richebadges
Sponsor: Vonhooenstyn & Associates
C: Map Number 12


Pigasus by Michael Seymour
Sponsor: Barbara and Kevin Zaney
G: Map Number 19


Cartwheels by Susan Leibovitz Steinman
Sponsor: Steve and Nancy Oliver
Judegs' MeritG: Map Number 15

Barrel Man

Barrel Man by Victor Trentadue
G:Map Number 22

Barrel Man with Bottle

Barrel Man with Bottle by Victor Trentadue
Sponsor: The Goar Friedlanders
G:Map Number 2

Crompton Dragon Osarus

Crompton Dragon Osarus by 3-D Edddy
G: Map Number 13

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