Exciting Volunteer Opportunities

Green Butt Sculpture

Volunteering can be fun and satisfying. The Cloverdale Sculpture Trail is putting together a creative, coordinating team to replace the current coordinator who is retiring. The current coordinator will continue until the team is up to speed and will always be available for questions and assistance.

 A range of volunteer opportunities to match your skills, interests and time are available. The opportunities include working with talented, creative sculptors. working the installation, which brings excitement and wonder to Cloverdale citizens, how many sculptures and what will they be like? If you enjoy social media, you could handle the Trail’s social media. For people who like to plan parties, a reception coordinator is needed. Of course, other tasks require team members, such as producing a “Call for Artists”, press releases, etc. An available list of opportunities has been assembled. Explore Cloverdale Sculpture Trail volunteer opportunities by contacting Janet at janethowell4001@gmail.com. or (707) 293-7426.

Team Approach

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The following is one possible breakdown of number of team players and their duties. The following represents the tasks undertaken over the past years. Each team member has the option of finding reliable volunteer(s) to assist with their tasks. Perhaps some of the tasks could be combined or one team member might want to take on more than one area. The tasks listed can be changed or modified by the team members.

 1. Produce “Call” Member: send to sculptors, galleries, and art organizations in the existing database, plus other known by this team member. The “Call” will have a deadline for entries, send a reminder notice to all who received the “Call”. As the entries come in, review to make sure all the required material has been received. Contact Selection Committee to determine if the individuals are willing to continue. Schedule a meeting for the Selection Committee.

Send the entries vial Dropbox to the Selection Committee. After the Selection Committee meeting, this team member along with the Installation team member will determine locations for the selected sculptures.

       1.a.  Follow up with “Call” deadline for video material

2. Installation member: Meet with Craig Johnson of Public Works and one other city employee to review the selected sculptures and their location. Put together an installation/deinstallation schedule, review with Craig Johnson and then send to the sculptors. Arrange for volunteer to assist with the installation/deinstallation. Coordinate the installation/deinstallation. Prepare new sculpture signs.

3. Photographer Member: Take installation photos. Produce 2022-2023 video for the reception. Current photographer will continue these tasks in 2022-2023.

4. Social Media Member: facebook and newsletter (Vertical Response).

5. Website Member: Update and maintain website (Word Press). If a member cannot be found, current web manager will continue for 2022-2023.

6. PR Member: Press releases (print and online), calendar postings for new Trails, fundraisers, Otocast, new listing at Creative Sonoma, continue the Reveille, Sculptor Spotlight, and other activities if any.

7.  Budget Member: Develop budgets each year based on actuals from prior year. Look at prior year donations to help determine income. Handle invoices and payments. Work with Lydia the Historical Society’s bookkeeper.

 7a. Budget Member find sculpture sponsors, prize money and donations through various means.

8.  Grant Member: search for grants and apply for grants and organize the International Sculpture Day and volunteer month

9.  Reception Member: Manages all aspects of the reception, including PR and People’s Choice Ward.

10. One Team Member to be appointed coordinator to oversee the above and the printing of the brochure, 

current brochure designer will prepare the brochure for printing for 2022-2023 if needed.

11. All Members: New ideas, locate new sculptors.

There exists past protocol, databases, forms, etc. to be available to the team to build upon. The current coordinator will be available for questions and assistance and will consider becoming one of the members if it is not possible to find enough members for the above tasks.  

“It Takes a Village” (our past volunteers)