2022 – 2024 Sculpture Installations

Installation was a long day in downtown Cloverdale with four sculptures leaving and nine sculptures arriving. Four volunteers, a City forklift driver, a City Public Works employee and a photographer were in the downtown area to help load sculptures leaving and help unloading sculptures for placement for the 2022-2024 Trail.

To onlookers the scene appeared hectic, yet a carefully planned schedule avoided the install being chaotic.  Sculptors arrived and left at different arranged times. A leaving sculptor and his/her sculpture was assigned to leave before a new sculpture took its place. The forklift driver knew in advance which sculpture needed his assistance loading or unloading and at what time. Volunteers were given a specific sculptor to help.

With a prearranged schedule the installation workers do not find the installation scene hectic, they find it exciting and sad. Excited to see the new sculptures which always looks different from the photos submitted with an entry form. Sad some sculptures will no longer be part of our landscape.

Installation Photos

Installation Video

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