Thru the years with Peter & Robyn Crompton

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Peter explains their team effort: “As a team we collaborate on many creative projects ranging from theatre design to fine art. I specialize in the sculptural form and Robyn in mosaic surface design. When planning a project we first brainstorm, which leads to research, then move on to my fabricating the sculptural base. Together we cover the form with fiberglass mesh and concrete with polymer additives. At this point we decide on the surface that speaks best for the piece. If it will be a textured concrete work, I take charge, or if it is to be a mosaic surface, Robyn completes it.

When viewing Peter and Robyn’s sculptures look for the finish, Peter’s textured concrete work or Robyn’s mosaic work.

More information about Compton sculptures can be found among our Past Trails by the year listed under each image beginning in 2012.

Peter and Robyn’s Works