William Wareham’s Sculpture, Without a Shout, Gets a Facelift

Cloverdale City Sign with sculpture

Due to the generosity of Andres Marquez with Symphonic Finishing, a painting, restoration and Design company in Cloverdale, William Wareham’s piece, Without a Shout, just received a complete makeover. 

Without a Shout was one of the first pieces of sculpture installed in 2005 in the Cloverdale Sculpture Trail.     This piece has welcomed residents and visitors to Cloverdale for nearly 20 years with its whimsical form and bright yellow paint.    The artist, William Wareham, passed away and the piece was donated to the City of Cloverdale.     But after nearly 20 years, it was in need of a new paint job as it was rusting and peeling.    Andres Marquez stepped forward volunteering his services to restore the piece to its natural beauty.     The three-day process involved washing, sanding, priming, anti-rust painting and then the final finish of paint.     Andres tried to find a perfect yellow match and settled on Lemon Citrus, an appropriate nod to the Cloverdale Citrus Fair and Citrus Fair Drive where Without a Shout is located in its permanent home. 

Pictures from the Restoration

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