Sculpture Trail Process

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Cynthia Working

Questions are often asked about the Sculpture Trail process. One question is: “Where do you find the sculptors?” A database of about 200 plus sculptors was compiled over the years from articles in newspapers and magazines about sculpture/art exhibits and contacting known sculptors. Additionally, in our “Call for Artists”, using our database, we suggest passing the “Call” on to other sculptors. The “Call” is also sent to art galleries and art organizations. Often a sculptor will contact us.

Another question, “How do you select the sculptors for exhibiting?” In the “Call” sent out in January with a February deadline, we request an artist statement, statement on the sculpture, which includes materials used, scale and durability for outdoor exhibit, images of other works, resume and a completed Sculpture Trail application form.

After the deadline, the entries are reviewed to ensure all the required material was sent.  Next, the Selection Committee convenes to assess the entries, looking for quality, aesthetic appeal, creative use of material, suitability for outdoors (scale & durability), and viewer safety. The Committee reviews other works of each entrant, his/her resume and artist statement.

Other questions include deciding on locations, and the logistics of installation.  Two of the Selection Committee members decide on a location for each selected sculpture based on the size of the sculpture, best location for viewing, ADA requirements and viewer safety. The city also reviews the selected sculptures and their locations for viewer safety.  

In preparation for welcoming new sculptures and saying “good-by” to ones that have graced our streets for at least one year, an install/de-install schedule is prepared. Putting together the schedule is like putting together a puzzle. The puzzle pieces are sculptor name, status (arriving or leaving), forklift needed, assistance needed, size of sculpture, size of vehicle (pickup, pickup with trailer, flatbed truck) transporting the sculpture, time of install/de-install for each sculptor, and assigning volunteers to meet sculptors at their pointed time and location,

Other puzzle pieces: removal of a sculpture before scheduling a new one in the same location, and the amount of time allotted to install or de-install. This depends on size and assistance needed. Once the puzzle has been put together, the schedule is draw up and reviewed by Public Works.

Based on the review, Public Works can determine the number of reserved parking spaces needed to handle the transport to Cloverdale. Business owners are notified of reserved parking for loading or unloading in front of their business, and the proximate time the barricades will be removed. The police are notified as well.

After the Public Works review the selected sculptors are sent directions to their location and time to install or de-install. This is followed by a schedule review for the volunteers.

Finally, installation day arrives, and the excitement begins.

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