Thru the years with David Mudgett

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In his artist’s statement, David describes how intrigued he was by his grandfather’s, the pipe-fitter, finesse and the magic of the molten metal dancing around his grandfather. Following In his grandfather’s  footsteps, David spent years as a pipe-fitter. The ease at which large pieces of metal could be formed into limitless objects fascinated him and soon metal became an affliction, yet the conventional uses were littered with boundaries.

Urged to apply his metalworking skills to art, David produced his first sculpture and found this experience exhilarating. He had come upon the creative freedom he was searching for, David was hooked. The strength and versatility of steel affords him the liberty to take a piece in almost any direction.

Look over David’s body of work below; compare characteristics of each sculpture.  Which ones are similar to the others and which are different. Could you recognize a David Mudgett sculpture without looking at the sign next to the sculpture?

More information about Davids’s sculptures can be found among our Past Trails by the year listed under each image beginning in 2013.

David Mudgett Works