Sculpture Gallery
Past Exhibit Through May 8, 2014

Sculptures are listed alphabetically by artist, linked to an informational page, and state which trail they can be found on. Trail Maps show the locations of the sculpture.

First Base by Tyson BarberaShadows of Eternity by Emad BobackAll Stars by Joe BolognaBird by Riis BurwellThe Listener by m.c. CarolynHands With Balls by Peter CromptonFruit of My Labor - Pear 2 by Eileen Fitz-FaulknerVee and Mute by Dan GoodPalm Shadow by Cynthia HandelHarris with Arch-i-textureColorlyth by Gerard Kirk HarrisThe 3 Graces Virginia HarrisonAuger by Michael Hayden/KristinaRun Home by Max HeigesWigwam Widow by Stan Huncilman90% Oscar by Kenyon LewisDrain 2 by David MudgettBalance 1 by Jeff OwenArtemisa by Robert Michael SmithHoopla by Susandra SpicerCT-58 by Richard StarksPoised by Mark StaszCoyote by Bryan TedrickSteel S Curve by Michael WalshWithout a Shout by William WarehamAugie The Doggie