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The Call for Artists 2022 is Here!

Call for Artists

Everything you need to know about submitting your entry, timeline and forms for submission.

William Wareham’s Sculpture, Without a Shout, Gets a Facelift

Cloverdale City Sign with sculpture

Due to the generosity of Andres Marquez with Symphonic Finishing, a painting, restoration and Design company in Cloverdale, William Wareham’s piece, Without a Shout, just received a complete makeover.

Vandals Have Struck Again 

Damaged Knight

Updated with Press Democrat Article

Another sculpture  violently vandalized. Read the police notice and help us stop this destruction.  

New Artists Thru the Years featuring Pierre Riche

Pierre Riche with Salvaged Horse

Next in the “Artists Thru the Years” series is Pierre Riche who exhibited starting in 2016. Pierre won Honorable Mention in 2017 and 2018. Select the tab “Artists Thru the Years” to see all the featured multi-exhibitors.

Test Your Knowledge on Public Art Around the World

Outdoor sculptures public art

“Sometimes overlooked, often misread, public art is sign of life.” ~ Art Historian, Patricia C. Philips

Public art has been around for centuries and people have been etching drawings in public spaces throughout the ages. The earliest western public art, which can be found in ancient Greek and Roman cities, was mostly limited to architecture or architectural sculptures. In the United States, the first organized public art came about under Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal, which was created in 1934. This program identified public art as essential and put thousands of artists to work and created jobs for thousands more. Public art comes in many forms and is meant to enhance, invigorate and educate a community. Take this fact filled quiz and test your knowledge of public art around the world.

Vandals Struck

Broken Poodle on the Ground

Sometime, in the early morning of August 20th, two pieces in the current sculpture trail were violently vandalized. The Sculpture Trail is approaching its 20th year of bringing public art to downtown Cloverdale.    In its history, pieces have occasionally been tagged but have never experienced destruction on this level.  

New Feature added to the Artist’s Directory

Artist's Directory

Newest feature added to the directory of all artists who’ve participated in the sculpture trail is a column for the artist’s website. You can now go directly to the artist’s web site, if they have one. Please let us know of any missing sites!

Saying Goodbye to a Scultpure Trail Artist

Wareham with Without a Shout
William Wareham and Joyce Mann with “Without a Shout”

William Wareham was an early participant in the sculpture trail showing in the 2004 exhibit with his pieces “Aronizarung”, and “Without a Shout”, which won Best of Show and was donated to the city of Cloverdale when the exhibit ended and is still there.

Signature Quotes

Quote Me written 0on a stone slab

Do you like to add quotes to your email signature file? Or do you like making memes of quotes to post on social media? Whatever you use quotes for, here’s some Cloverdale Sculpture Trail artist’s quotes, and a couple of classics.

A Village of Volunteers

We couldn’t do it without you, and our salute to the village of volunteers that help make the trail a success has been updated with more bios (like Susan Grossman) and information. Are you on the long list of people we thank?

Cloverdale 4th Graders Hit the Cloverdale Sculpture Trail

4th graders in front of The Disc

In April, with clipboards, pencils and an illustrated map, Cloverdale fourth graders set out on a tour of the Cloverdale Sculpture Trail.

A Village of Volunteers

We couldn’t do it without you, and our salute to the village of volunteers that help make the trail a success has been updated with more bios (like Yave Guzman) and information. Are you on the long list of people we thank?

Just for fun here’s a wordsearch about the trail. It’s a bit tricky so hope you enjoy it.

Golden Possibilities

Golden Possibilities by Pierre Riche

Cloverdale Sculpture Trail sculptor, Pierre Riche of Watsonville, is heading for Burning Man after receiving a grant. Read all about Pierre’s new piece.

A Village of Volunteers

Shawn- and Hector

We couldn’t do it without you, and our salute to the village of volunteers that help make the trail a success has been updated with more bios (like Mary Ann Brigham) and information. Are you on the long list of people we thank?

2022-2024 Trail Quiz

Hendrix Wilson, 7 years posing with Thistle

With the current Cloverdale Sculpture Trail exhibit up since May, let’s test your knowledge of the 2022-2024 exhibit with our newest quiz.

A New Jigsaw Puzzle for National Puzzle day

Muystery Jigsaw puzzle

We’re not going to show you what the finished puzzle looks like, you have to figure that out. When you complete it, we will show you the artist and sculpture name.

You don’t have to complete it all at once; it will remember the pieces you’ve already connected. If you wish to see all 100 pieces at once, select the “dotted square” control in the puzzle header.

New Feature – Artist’s Directory

Artist's Directory

Newest feature on the website is a directory of all artists who’ve participated in the sculpture trail. To support this feature, we’ve added several more past exhibit pages to showcase past sculptures.

New Downloadable Desktop Wallpaper

Trail Desktop Wallpaper

Download are latest desktop wallpaper featuring the 2022-2024 winners. David Mudgett Best of Show and Peter Hassen, Honorable Mention.

Why Volunteer or Support the Trail?

We’ve updated our Sponsor/Donate/Volunteer section and added a new one. In their own words, some of our volunteers/sponsors/donors tell us why they support the Cloverdale Sculpture Trail. We’d love to hear your story.


Kids say and do the funniest things around art, so we’ve now added a tab in our Past section called “Snapshots” for the family pictures we’ve been sent. Send us your sculpture trail pictures of your child or family with one of the sculptures and we’ll put it up!

Our Halloween Treat to You

CPAC Center for Halloween

Cloverdale area ghost stories and sculpture trick or treats. The first home of the Cloverdale Performing Arts Center was the Cloverdale Grange built in  1930. With it’s long life and the wide varieties of activities it’s seen, don’t you think it has it’s own ghosts? And some that would migrate to the new building to indulge their passion in the performing arts? And just possibly since they’ve teamed up with the Cloverdale Sculpture Trail who knows what mischief the sculptures will do?

Are you ready for some ghost stories? How many tricks instead of treats might you receive?

Hector Ortega’s “Was I Just Another One?” Chosen Favorite in Down Memory Lane Contest

Hector Ortega

The vote for favorite Sculpture from each year’s Best of Show winners is in. Read about the overall “Down Memory Lane” winner here.

New Sculpture by Diego Harris

Tidal Wave by Diego Harris

Diego’s new sculpture has been installed at the corner of 3rd Street and Cloverdale Blvd. After much contemplation Diego is giving this sculpture the title of “Tidal Wave” There is a saga behind the new sculpture replacing “Being”.  Select Diego’s name to read all about it.

A Village of Volunteers, Updated

People participating in a sculpture trail event

At our website we recognize the members of our village over the years, and have updated our “Village of Volunteers” to recognize Janet Howell.

Our Frequent Flyer Sculptors Continue to Fly (exhibit)

Salvage by David Mudgett

Once again David Mudgett received thumbs up from the Selection Committee and Best of Show from the judges for his 2022-2024 sculpture, “The Disc”, which has been added to “Thru the Years”. You will have to scroll down from 2005 to 2022 for a synopsis of “The Disc”.

Artists In the News

Spread Eagle

Bryan Tedrick has gone international with a sculpture in the parkland of Chatsworth House in Derbyshire Dales, England. His sculpture “Wings of the Wind” is part of an exhibit titled,” Radical Horizons: The Art of Burning Man at Chatsworth House.

UPDATE: “Wings of the Wind” was sold to a group creating a sculpture garden in Portugal.

A Trip Down Memory Lane with Joyce Mann

Join her down memory lane and vote for your favorite sculpture from year’s past winners.

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