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It’s a Party, and You’re invited

Artist Reception

You’re invited to the Sculpture Trail artist reception on June 4th from 5:00 to 7:30 pm at the Cloverdale Performing arts Center. Live music and final voting and reveal of the People’s Choice award!

Come Vote for the People’s Choice Award

The Disc by David Mudgett

Walk the Sculpture Trail or review the sculptures on the voting page. Anyone can vote, once, and only the new sculptures are eligible. Results will be announced at the reception on June 4th from 5:00 to 7:30 pm at the Cloverdale Performing Arts Center.

The New Sculpture Exhibit is Here

The new sculpture Exhibit is here

9 new sculptures have been installed on Cloverdale Boulevard between Citrus Fair Drive and 3rd Street. Each year for 18 years, new sophisticated sculptural diversity has appeared bringing excitement and wonder; what will be on display in 2022? Walk the Boulevard and see what is being exhibited.

Cloverdale Performing Arts Center

The Cloverdale Performing Arts Center

The Sculpture Trail is pleased to announce that the Cloverdale Performing Arts Center has decided to become the producer of the Trail. This will be one more art form that CPAC will present to the public, along with their offerings of music, dance, art exhibitions, readings. At the end of April, they will add to their art repertoire an indoor circus.

#ISD Day (International Sculpture Day)

#ISD - International Sculpture Day

The world will once again join in celebration of sculpture during the 8th annual International Sculpture Day, or ISDay. Many artists, organizations and institutions worldwide are expected to celebrate the day.
ISDay is under the auspices of the International Sculpture Center. Their mission is to:

  • Expand public understanding and appreciation of sculpture internationally
  • Demonstrate the power of sculpture to educate and effect social change
  • Engage artists and arts professionals in a dialogue to advance the art form
  • Promote a supportive environment for sculpture and sculptors

Sponsors and Donors

Sponsirs and DOnors

Three Cloverdale businesses have donated prize money for the 2022-2024 Cloverdale Sculpture. and we have 9 sculpture sponsors. Read about our latest sponsors and donation needs to cover general operating expenses and our Artists’ Reception on June 4th at the Performing Arts Center. The reception is a free community event.

National Volunteer Week Starts April 17th


It takes a village to support a non-profit; people who volunteer their time or talent, supporters who care about the non-profit project and most importantly people willing to lend financial support. Cloverdale is a village supporting many non-profits, including the Cloverdale Sculpture Trail.

This year we want to celebrate all the volunteers who’ve made the Sculpture Trail a success for all these years.

End of the Trail Quiz

2020-2022 Trail Quiz

With the current Cloverdale Sculpture Trail exhibit getting ready to roll out and the incoming one up in May, let’s test your knowledge of the 2020-2022 exhibit.

Color Our Art

The Call

Enjoy these downloadable coloring pages of some of our sculptures in easy to print/download PDF format. Just select the image and save the file.

Update on The Call

The Call

After a review of the entries by the Selection Committee nine new sculptures will be part of the 2022-2024 Sculpture Trail. The themes of these nine sculptures are diverse and show the creative thinking and craftsmanship of the sculptors.

The new sculptures will be installed on April 28th.

A New Artists Thru the Years is Up

Beth hartmann

Beth Hartmann joins the ranks of sculptors exhibiting frequently in our section “Artists Thru the Years”. Beth explains her work, “Although many of my materials are modern, at least when used in art (rusting rolled steel, metal mesh, copper and wire), I work to expose universal emotions. My themes involve our environments and health.”

New Downloadable Desktop Wallpaper

Downloadable Desktop Wallpaper

Try a Brand New Mystery Sculpture Jigsaw Puzzle

Mystery Jigsaw

We’re not going to show you what the finished puzzle looks like, you have to figure that out. When you complete it, we will show you the artist and sculpture name. Have fun!

The Call for Artists 2022 is Here!

Call to Artists

Everything you need to know about submitting your entry, about the judges, timeline and forms are all up.

A New Artists Thru the Years is Up

mc Carolyn Portrait

First exhibiting in 2005, m.c. has not recently exhibited in Cloverdale as she has turned her talents to painting.

The Sculpture Process is Updated

Sculpture Process

From start to finish, from the call to installation has been updated in detail.

Try a Mystery Sculpture Jigsaw Puzzle

Mystery Jigsaw

We’re not going to show you what the finished puzzle looks like, you have to figure that out. When you complete it, we will show you the artist and sculpture name. Have fun!

Exciting Volunteer Opportunities

Green Butt Sculpture

Volunteering can be fun and satisfying. The Cloverdale Sculpture Trail is putting together a creative coordinating team to replace the current coordinator who is retiring. The current coordinator will continue until the team is up to speed and will always be available for questions and assistance.

Try a Halloween Special

It is possible the historic Gould House is haunted. During an overnight visit by paranormal investigators, they encountered hair-raising activities of light orbs that felt like surging bolts of static electricity and something or someone touching them. The entire time in the Shaw House they felt extreme cold. Are you ready for more ghost stories? How many tricks instead of treats might you receive?. COME ON IN!

Help us out with our Google Listing

Trail Google Listing

Did you know you can add reviews and your own photos directly into our Google Listing? We’d appreciate it if you’d give it a try.

Did you know we have a YouTube Channel?

Trail YouTube Channel

View the categories; Instructional, Exhibits by Year, Homage to Joe Hawley, and Installations, or view all our YouTube Videos at once.

There’s a new Artists Thru the Years up featuring Stan Huncilman.

Stan Huncilman with Capricho

Stan Huncilman is another Cloverdale Sculpture Trail frequent flyer, first exhibiting in 2010. Huncilman works made from metal, wood, paper and fabric are enigmatic forms with even more enigmatic titles such as Dharmamatic or Bunda Mambo.

Enjoy Jeopardy? Then try your luck at Sculpture Trail Jeopardy

Jeopardy Board

Let’s play Jeopardy! Play by yourself, with others at your location, or with a group of teams through Zoom. Easy instructions on page.

New Quiz on Sculptures in the Trail

Wine Buddha

So many sculptures have been exhibited over the years by the Cloverdale Sculpture Trail. Do you remember them all? Think deeply and give it a try.

There’s a New Pictorial on Crowds

The Knight

Family outings, casual walks, meeting up with old friends during events, there are all kinds of ways to enjoy the Cloverdale Sculpture Trail. Take a look through our pictorial on people enjoying the Sculpture Trail.

Like Quizzes? Test Your Sculpture Trail Knowledge

Girl posing like the sculpture

Public art is a form of participation. You can explore, experience, enjoy or pantomime each sculpture on the Trail. Now, you can take your participation one step further by taking our quiz.

Derrick a Sculpture by Jam Collective


Derrick, a sculpture by Sonoma County Sculpture Jam artists, Beth Hartmann, David Furger, Jeffrey Zankel, John Packard, John Draper and Gordon Carter of Sebastopol, has been silent since being installed on July 22, 2020. “Derrick” has decided to break the silence. This sculpture has a number of messages for passerby on the E. side of Cloverdale Blvd. between E. Second Street and E. Third Street. For the curious, visit “Derrick”, who has posted directions as to how to access his messages.

For those who have not visited “Derrick”, the sculpture references old-time derricks.  It holds up a solar panel which powers its piercing red eyes and, at night, initiated a hidden projector to direct a slow light spiral on the ground. The spiral mimics a drilling action. Is this the hybrid transition from old dependency to renewable solar energy? ” Derrick” acknowledges our continued reliance on boring oil, but he’s looking toward greener energy sources.”

Homage to Joe Hawley

Joe working the spirals

Our Homage to Joe Hawley for the International Sculpture Day is now permanently reachable on our “Past” page under the events tab.