Do You Know Our Sculptures Quiz

So many sculptures have been exhibited over the years by the Cloverdale Sculpture Trail. Do you remember them all? Think deeply.


1) How Many Sculptures has David Mudgett Shown in the Trail?

David with Poised

2) What is the Name of this Sculpture?

What is this sculpture

3) Created by Peter & Robyn Crompton, Who is this Lady?

Who am I

4) A Favorite of the Trail's for years, Who is the Artist?

Constrained Geometries #2

5) Pierre Richie has exhibited several popular pieces. Which one is this?

Pierre Richie Piece

6) What Local "Celebrity" Artist Created this Sculpture?


Our First Sculpture That has a Message for You. Can You Name it?

Guess my name

What Sculpture was Created as a Tribute Piece?

tribute piece