Donors & Volunteers

The 2024-2026 Cloverdale Sculpture Trail is made possible by a grant from Creative Sonoma and a dedicated group of volunteers and donors.   We would like to thank the following for their part in bringing public art to the downtown community of Cloverdale.

Selection Committee:

Janet A. Howell

Sandy Erickson

Danielle Elins

Harvey Brody

2024-26 Judges

Jeff Nathanson, Executive Director at the Museum of Sonoma County, Santa Rosa, CA

Jeffrey Van Dyke, Sculptor and Structural Engineer, Healdsburg, CA

Sculpture Sponsors:

Steven Brown, Survivor                                   Erickson Fine Art Gallery

Mike Caven, Tree of Life                                  Shelli Byers

Mike Caven, Tin Man                                      Management Connections, Mary Jo Winter

Diego Harris, The Portal                                  Diane Bartleson

Stan Huncilman, Harappan Daydream           Bob Scott & Tim McDonald

Kenyon Lewis, Rising Tide                               Dahlia & Sage Community Market

Adrian Litman, Sumerian Code                       David McChesney

Adrian Litman, Bunny Serenade                     Cloverdale Arts Alliance

David Mudgett, Crusader                                Suzanne Black

David Mudgett, Webster                                 Papa’s Pizza

Hector Ortega, Empryean                               Ann Elston

Pierre Riche, Journey of the Scrap Stallion     Jane & Ron Pavelka

Susan Leibovitz Steinman

    Tangled up in Blue (my version)                  Plank Coffee

Bryan Tedrick, Nataraja                                  Erin Mavis Clothing

Bryan Tedrick, Cocoon                                     14feet

City of Cloverdale                                            Otocast            

Other Volunteers

Penny Paden                           Brochure Distribution & Installation

Tracy & Michael Valva             Reception & Installation

Judy & Dwight Peteresen        Installation

Joyce Mann                             Founder of the Cloverdale Sculpture Trail