The Past

Cloverdale Sculpture Trail has been around for almost 20 years. Look through some of the past trails and at artists who’ve shown for multiple years.

Take our past trails to enjoy for the first time or experience once again the contemporary sculptures. As you visit the past trails look at the materials used to create the sculptures and you will notice that modern day sculptures can be created from just about any material you can imagine and others that will surprise you.

Join us down Memory Lane with the past winners. Read about them and who won our poll for the best all time winner!

The Cloverdale Sculpture Trail, originally called the Cloverdale Annual Exhibit, was launched in 2003 and over the years has attracted talented, professional sculptors to exhibit in Cloverdale. Many of the sculptors have exhibited numerous time in the past 17 years.

“Thru the Years” will present to viewers the body of work of sculptors who have exhibit numerous times in Cloverdale. We have 8 sculptors in this category with the anticipation that sculptors who have exhibit once or twice will find themselves featured in “Thru the Years”.


We are starting with David Mudgett who first exhibited in 2005 and has a sculpture in the current 2020-2022 Trail. His Cloverdale body of works is shown by selecting his picture or the link.

David's sculptures have been updated to included the latest!

Bryan Tedrick

Next in the Thru the Years series is Bryan Tedrick who exhibited in the first sculpture display in 2003. Bryan also won Best of Show in 2003. His Cloverdale body of works is shown by selecting his picture or the link.

Bryan's sculptures have been updated to included the latest!

One-Eyed Jack

Joe Bologna joins the ranks of “frequent flyers’. 2009 was the first year Joe exhibited in Cloverdale. His Cloverdale body of works is shown by selecting his picture or the link.

Peter and Robyn Crompton with Caryatid

Peter & Robyn Crompton, a husband and wife sculpture team, is joining the ranks of our loyal sculptors beginning with their first participation in 2012. The Cromptons currently has two sculptures in the 2020-2022 Trail. Their body of work is shown by selecting their picture or the link.

Stan Huncilman with Capricho

Stan Huncilman is another Cloverdale Sculpture Trail frequent flyer, first exhibiting in 2010. Huncilman works made from metal, wood, paper and fabric are enigmatic forms with even more enigmatic titles such as Dharmamatic or Bunda Mambo. The viewer is at once fascinated and astonished by this wonderland of intriguing forms and complex messages. His body of work is shown by selecting his picture or the link.

mc Carolyn

m.c. Carolyn joins the ranks of sculptors exhibiting frequently over the years in Cloverdale. First exhibiting in 2005, m.c. has not recently exhibited in Cloverdale as she has turned her talents to painting. Her body of work is shown by selecting her picture or the link.

Beth Hartman

Beth explains her work, “Although many of my materials are modern, at least when used in art (rusting rolled steel, metal mesh, copper and wire), I work to expose universal emotions. My themes involve our environments and health.” Her body of work is shown by selecting her picture or the link.

The Artist Reception
Artist's Reception 2022

June 4th was the Cloverdale Sculpture Trail Artists' Reception, and we celebrated with lots of food, music and artists. Take a look at the featured trail video, the People's Choice winner, and photos of the events.

Joe Hawley
Homage (Photo by Harvey Morrison)

April 24th was International Sculpture Day, and we celebrated with our Homage to Joe Hawley. Take a look at the four videotaped conversations with Joe and people knowledgeable about the phases of his sculpting and teaching years. Following each conversation are images and descriptive text which relate to the conversations.

The Artist Reception
2020 - 2022 Installation

All the hard work of the sculpture volunteers and city workers installing the sculptures.

Kids say and do the funniest things around art. Here's some with cute poses.

Send us a picture of your child, or family, or even a selfie with one of the sculptures, or at one of our sculpture events, and we'll put them up. Or instead, you can go to our Google Business Profile and upload your photos and leave a review!

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