Auger by Michael Hayden/Kristina

Hayden with Auger


Michael Hayden’s web site is titled “Thinking Lightly” reflecting his interest in light. This interest appears in “Auger” a sculpture in the Cloverdale Sculpture Trail. The “Auger” is an aluminum spiral which cycles around a steel core support structure. The surfaces of the spiral are coated with retro-reflective materials. During the daytime the blue and yellow coating is in contrast with the surrounding earth tones of the space it occupies. At night when cars’ headlights hit the “Auger”, the headlights illuminate the sculpture and it glows.

The “Auger” (60 feet long by 8 feet tall tapering down to 18 inches as it appears to spiral into the ground) is a metaphoric reference to the agriculture and viticulture industries of Sonoma County. This interesting sculpture is located on S. Cloverdale Boulevard. between Citrus Fair Drive and Healdsburg Avenue.

For more than three decades Michael has utilized and manipulated light to create sculptures. He has created architectonic scaled light sculptures for public places in the United States, Europe and Asia that are measured in hundreds of feet and multiples of tons. Michael’s wife Kristina Lucas is also a sculptor and they often collaborate on creating pieces. Kristina prefers to create site specific pieces as it gives her total creative freedom. She creates suspended works inspired by science and nature, utilizing a wide range of materials.

Photo by Tedd Peterson