Thru the years with Bryan Tedrick

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In Bryan Tedrick’s artist statement he explains how his work evolves: “There are precious moments when the mind is quiet and I can enjoy my senses without interference. Sculpting at its best includes such moments. Balancing space, mass, texture, color, line, pattern, weight and proportion is a visual pleasure. Harmony is something I feel; analysis is secondary. I grab elements that are near at hand, realizing that chance and spontaneity are keys to accessing fresh visual territory. This maundering exploration often involves stumbling corrections and meandering whimsy, but eventually concludes with a satisfying map of the journey. Emotions and character are embedded in handmade objects. Art is a vehicle of expression, a means of encoding our response to the world.

As you view Bryan’s sculptures you will see how his sculptures changes from the abstract to his animals. All are spontaneity created in his exploration of his senses – from the small to the huge, his Burning Man sculptures.

Coyote by Bryan Tedrick

Bryan Tedrick Works

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