Outdoor Sculpture Trail in Cloverdale

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Orbits Sculpture

The organizers of the Cloverdale and Geyserville Trails, after five successful years of displaying sculptures in their communities, have mutually decided to separate our relationship as the two communities are diverging from each other. The two communities will work separate, yet will continue to collaborate and support each other.

The Cloverdale Sculpture Trail will continue as a juried show with a $1,000 “Best of Show” and a $250 “Honorable Mention” awards. “People’s Choice” award will again be available to the viewing public to vote for their favorite sculpture in Cloverdale. The same team of organizers will continue providing media PR, and a quality brochure. The 2017-2018 brochure can be downloaded here.

The Cloverdale Trail is expanding as additional individuals and businesses in Cloverdale want to sponsor a sculpture at $250, with the $250 financial support going to each selected sculptor. A new feature will be two portable concrete pads 68” in diameter and 6” deep for sculptors who need to bolt a sculpture into a concrete surface.

The 2017-2018 Cloverdale Trail has a narrated, audio, self-guided walking tour with audio from the actual artists. You can explore the Trail wherever you are. We plan to continue this feature for the 2018-2019 Trail.

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The sculptures for the 2017-2018 Sculpture Trail are varied, from fanciful to statuesque with some defined by the material used. The 2017-2018 Cloverdale Sculpture Trail video highlights both the sculptures and artists.

The following sculptors are exhibiting in Cloverdale until April 26th:

  • Joe Bologna
  • M.C. Carolyn
  • Joseph Castle
  • Peter Crompton
  • Peter and Robyn Crompton
  • Boback Emad
  • Beth Hartmann and Allegra Burke
  • Stan Huncilman
  • Adrian Litman
  • David Mudgett
  • Hector Ortega
  • Pierre Riche
  • Sculpture-Jam
  • Bryan Tedrick
  • William Wareham
  • Carlos Zamora

The following sculptors are exhibiting in Geyserville:

  • Tyson Barbera
  • Peter Crompton
  • Eileen Fitz-Faulkner
  • Joe Bolognas
  • Diego Harris
  • Virginia Harrison
  • Victoria Heiges
  • Max Heiges
  • Douglas Heine
  • Stan Huncilman
  • Flavia Krasilchik
  • Adrian Litman
  • Phillip Lynch
  • David Mudgett
  • Hector Ortega
  • Ernest & Lois Rich
  • Michael Seymour
  • Susan Leibovitz Steinman
  • Victor Trentadue
  • 3-D Edddy