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The 2022-2024 Cloverdale Sculpture Trail by Otocast has arrived in English with the Spanish translations to arrive in a few days, we will let you know when the Spanish version is available.

You will see two images of each sculpture; the second image is a placeholder for the Spanish Version.

Yave Guzman is again doing the translation for us. Yave is no longer living in Cloverdale, yet when Yave recently visited Cloverdale, I received an email from Yave asking if I needed Spanish translations as he noticed the new sculptures in town.

Yes, I needed someone to translate. This is one more story about the great support the Cloverdale Sculpture Trail receives from community members as well as non-community members. Thank you Yave.

See, Hear, Explore the 2020-2024 Cloverdale Sculpture Trail in the safety of your home or anywhere in the world.

The sculptures are displayed on a map with directions to the locations if you are in or near Cloverdale.  The tour includes sculptor information, an image of each sculpture and best of all, the audio comes from the actual artists describing his or her sculpture you are viewing. You can select to hear the artists’ audio in English or Spanish.

If you have a smart phone with a QR code app you can access the Otocast Sculpture Trail by using the code which is on the our brochure and on the sign next to each sculpture. Use your camera to take you to the Otocast Trail.

Another way to enjoy the audio guide, download through Google Play or the Apple App Store the free Otocast app, which includes the Cloverdale Sculpture Trail. Enjoy the experience of public art in Cloverdale.

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Get the free Otocast app at:

1. Apple App Store

2. or Google Play

3. Also Available to view on your device without the app.

April 2022 will begin the change of an annual Sculpture Trail to a two- year exhibit. The current exhibit will run until April 25, 2024.

9 new sculptures in the Sculpture section were install on April 28th. Each is unique in terms of how the artists uses and controls space and form. The artist must consider details like height, depth, volume, and shapes when it comes to designing their work of art and the safety of the viewing public

The new sculptures can be viewed in the Sculpture section.

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